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Stopping Time

With life, every passing day becomes such a blur because of all the things we have to do. Twenty four hours in a day seems like a lot of time to accomplish all the things we need to do, like going to class, doing homework, or spending time with family, but it seems like sometimes there really isn’t enough time just for ourselves.

Band-aids are used over wounds to speed up the time of the healing of a wound. What if we reversed the purpose of a band-aid to slowing down time for our life. What if we put a band-aid over a clock to stop time and give ourselves a little time to breathe and relax? I could sure use something like that…

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Posted by on April 26, 2011 in Time


Mistakes in the Past

All throughout life, people make mistakes after mistakes. Some mistakes are big while others are small and easy to forget. We may not like it, but mistakes are a regular part of life. However, some mistakes are so traumatizing and painful that it ends up staying with us for all throughout our lives. Band-aids are things that help heal wounds quickly. Maybe to help us heal our pain from past mistakes more quickly, we can use band-aids to heal not only our outer physical pain, but our inner emotional pain.

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Time Heals All

There is a saying “time will heal all”. I believe this statement to be very true. You wait long enough and all the pain and suffering will be over. But, sometimes that time and wait is just too long to bear for some people, especially after an emotional damage such as losing someone you love and getting your heart shattered. Band-Aids are suppose to expedite the speed of the wounds, can the band-aids help shattered hearts heal faster?

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The Evolution of Band-Aids

Human beings have developed throughout time and have gotten more efficient and useful. The human race has grown both mentally and physically. The directive for this week has given me the idea of making a picture of the evolution of band-aids. I noticed that throughout time, band-aids develop into bigger and better versions to cover up bigger wounds or infected wounds. Band-aids, much like humans, have definitely evolved over time.

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Band-Aid Necklace

Throughout history, style has changed countless times. We’ve transitioned from baggy jeans to tight jeans, sneakers to uggs, small sunglasses to huge aviators and etc. With changes happening in every moment of our lives, do you think we’ll ever get to a time period when hand made jewelry or clothing become popular?


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