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To promote certain beliefs or foundations socially, people wear a bracelet supporting the organization or their beliefs. The most prominent one around is the yellow bracelet, LIVESTRONG. This just got me thinking if we would be able to advertise and promote band aids if people started wearing a bracelet made out of band-aids.

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The Nelly Factor


People do some really weird things to look cool nowadays. Some people wear really baggy clothes and some people will wear really tight clothes to achieve a “cool” look.
For some strange reason, people and celebrities are starting to put band-aids on their body to achieve a cool “tough” look… just like Nelly did in this picture. People do all these strange things to stand out and be that one “cool” guy or girl. My question is, would people actually go far enough to be “cooler” by putting odd things like, band-aids on their body?

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8am in the morning

As college students we are blessed with the ability to pick our own classes, pick the times and the professors, unlike high school. But there are few, very unfortunate, students such as me that have to take early morning classes. Eyes are droopy, what you hear goes in through one ear and comes right through the other.

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I asked a lot of girls about putting band aids on guys’ faces this week. A majority of them told me they thought it was hott for guys to have band aids on their faces. The most notable person that put band aids on their faces was the celebrity rapper, Nelly. Band aids on a guy’s face appeals to people because it makes them look like they have gotten in fights and make them seem tougher. So, if the ladies think guys putting band aids on their faces is hott…how about this guy?

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Shut up…

Today I was eating dinner at Shafer with a group of friends. We were all having a nice chat and telling each other funny stories. But then, some guy that my friend knew joined us at the table and started talking…and talking….and talking. He would not shut up. I started to zone out and I got to thinking … Band-Aids are typically used for any temporary fix. So, I got to wondering, how amazing would it be if I could shut the guy’s lips together with some band-aids

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