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Holding down promises

“Promise little and do much” – Hebrew Proverb

We often make tons of promises to people around us. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget about promises we make, not on purpose in some cases, but just because life is so busy that it’s easy to forget what we promise.

On the other hand, making a lot of promises and never acting on any of them is even worse. What if we were able to take our promises, magically form them into physical objects, and hold them down with band-aids? Maybe if we physically held down our promises and attached them to our bodies, it would be easier to remember what promises we made and make sure that we carry out our promises.

But sometimes, we all have to be a little careful in the amount of promises we make to people. Taking this idea of physically holding down promises with band-aids, maybe we should beware of making too many promises so our bodies won’t be covered in too many band-aids. After all, it’s better to “promise little and do much”.

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a promise

A promise is not something that should be broken lightly or without a very good reason. The only thing that should keep you from fulfilling your promise is a health issue, your family’s health issues, or a school emergency. Of course there are other circumstances than that but in general those are the only things in my mind.

A promise should not be made unless you are determined that you are going to keep that promise. A band-aid is placed on the pinkies connecting them together. It symbolizes the importance of keeping a promise.

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Band-Aid Helps!

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When you sign a contract or an agreement you are obliging yourself that you will follow all of the rules and guidelines. A Band-aid is placed on the line below where the signatures go to emphasize the importance of the signature.

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High Endurance

25% Higher Performing High Endurace Long Lasting Stick” is written on my Old Spice deodorant. “Long lasting protection and Latex Free” is written on my band-aid box. These claims are basically a promise to the customers, who automatically assume that the claims written on their products are true. The promises made between the deodorant and bandaids are basically the same thing, so do you think we could advertise the two products together?

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