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Stop late night munchies!

I feel like one thing that is a problem for me and maybe some other people is late night snacking. At the end of the day when I stay up late to do homework or watch videos on YouTube, I always feel like I have to eat something or at least munch on something.

Most of the time, throughout that day I’ve already eaten way too much during lunch, dinner, or breakfast…so it’s strange to me that I’ll still feel hungry even late at night. I think it’s just because of boredom and stress that I feel like I have to munch on something. All the late snacking ends up being something really unhealthy for me and I find it really difficult to avoid these late night munchies.

Do you think we could use band-aids to cover our stomachs to reduce hunger when we get the late night munchies? Maybe I wouldn’t have to make myself go to the gym if band-aids worked like that…

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Healing Power of a Band-Aid

It makes me sad to think about all the kinds of diseases that are going on in the world. What makes me more sad is the fact that these diseases take over people’s lives and sometimes these people are just unable to prevent this from happening.

I’ve noticed that different cultures from around the world deal with diseases or problems in different ways. Since I come from an asian background, my family usually treats my problems in different ways than an American would treat problems.

For example, if my back is having problems, I usually go to an acupuncturist to release some pain. If I get sick, I drink herbs to heal my throat instead of store bought medicine. If I have a headache, I’ll eat certain foods to balance out the body chemicals in my body.

While all these techniques work for small problems in my body, it makes me sad that these techniques won’t ever work for people who are suffering from incurable diseases such as cancer, AIDS, etc. There will always be someone from any cultural background with these problems and no way to solve them, even with the most technologically advanced tools.

I wish that sometimes we could just use something as simple as band-aids to heal not only the simplest wounds, but the biggest wounds that are unsolvable..

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Eat Pray Love…Band-Aids

While I was trying to come up with ideas for my blog, my girlfriend was watching the movie “Eat Pray and Love”. It got me thinking I might as well write a blog relating to it because I basically eat while I am thinking about ideas for the blog, pray that I will get ideas about the blog and not necessarily love band-aids but have a strong emotion for the blog and band-aids.  I am thinking about blog ideas 24/7, so basically…Eat Pray Love…Band-Aids.

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Ever since Apple came out with their revolutionary Iphone a couple of years ago, they have been producing countless accessorites for the phone: headsets, protective shields, mirror reflecting shields, and all sorts of other accessories. Now, Apple and Band-Aids bring you the brand new… Iphone-aid. It acts as a case, like any other iphone case, but the effect of a band aid kicks in whenever your iphone has any scratches. The band-aid cover will fix minor scratches and dents on the phone that are covered with the Iphone-aid. Coming soon to an Apple store near you!”


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Power Off

Today’s generation is very dependent on technology of all sorts. We are almost constantly using our cell phones, watching television, or online on computers. Technology is taking so much time away from our daily lives and deters us from doing what we should be doing. Instead of doing homework or reading people are on facebook, watching television, and or on the phone. The band-aid on the power button of a television remote signifies that we need to detach ourselves from technology a bit as it is surely taking over our life.

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Band-Aid rolls

Scotch tape is very convenient to use. It has a roll of tape and a little cutting board at the end to let you make the length of your tape as short or as long as you want it to be. This gave me the idea of Band-Aid rolls. People get hurt in the weirdest ways that end up giving them a variety of scratches. Some are long scratches and some are short scratches. With the Band-Aid rolls, you won’t have to worry about band-aids being too small for big scratches or being too long for your small scratches!


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Under the Polluted Sea

There have been massive problems regarding sea pollution for many years. Whenever you turn on the news, reporters are always reporting on the decaying environment. Millions of dollars are distributed to different groups to help promote a better and cleaner environment. With that kind of money, shouldn’t the problems be getting better and not worse?

The sea has been polluted with countless oil spills, waste from factories, etc. The underwater sea creatures must be going crazy!” Band Aids seem to fix problems on our body, so why can’t it help fix our problems on earth?

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