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I was looking at my band-aid box racking my mind for new ideas for a blog post, and I came across to reading the description on the back of the box. When I read the description for my flexible fabric Band-Aids, (“extra flexibility-stretchable, comfortable, fabric moves with you to fit better”), it got me to thinking….

People often are accustomed to sticking to their own routines and their own views of life. Very few people are actually open to changing their routines or views of life. While sticking to what you believe and sticking to a daily routine can be healthy and smart, sometimes, it’s okay to be a little flexible.

We, myself included, should always be open to new ideas and other viewpoints. Being closed minded all the time can sometimes limit the mental growth of your mind and limit the number of experiences and new things you could encounter!

My flexible fabric band-aids were described as easily flexible and able to move with you. Applying this to my idea of people being flexible, maybe if we all tried being more flexible and open to new things in life, we ourselves will be able to become accustomed to new things and grow in new experiences! That’s what she said…

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Becoming one band-aid

From the beginning of time, people have always been arguing over religion. People are always arguing that only their religion is right and everyone else’s religion is wrong. So many problems in our current events is rooted from people disputing over religion.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like if everyone just had one religion together. What if everybody just believed the same things and followed the same rules in religion? Maybe less problems would happen in the world and we could all live in peace.

A band-aid strip is always in one piece. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a band-aid broken up in half or in quarters to cover up a wound. With all the war and disputes going on around the world over religion, our world has a big wound that may never be healed because there isn’t a big enough band-aid to cover the wound up to heal it. In other words, maybe the world will never be able to have peace because people will never give up their views to come together in peace.

Maybe we should all try to be more like a band-aid by making compromises or amends towards one another and become unified in making our world a better place. A band-aid that is cut up into pieces will never help heal a wound so maybe everyone in the world should unify together to help heal the wound we all have inflicted on the world.

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When we were younger, parents, teachers, and other adult figures in our lives would always tell us not to be wasteful. I know that whenever my mom served me any food with tomatoes in it, I would pick them out and never bother to eat them. When my mom saw me doing this, she would become angry with me and tell me how wasteful I was being and how there were tons of starving children in the world who would love to eat the tomatoes I was wasting.

Through this project, I’ve been using a ton of band-aids to take pictures with. I think I may have thrown away boxes of band-aids at this point without ever using them on my body. When I see all the band-aids and band-aid wrappers in my trashcan, I start to think of all the plastic and other items that were put into making that band-aid.

People told us growing up never to waste things. Maybe instead of using multiple band-aids on wounds, band-aids should be washable or reusable. The idea of reusing band-aids sounds absolutely disgusting, but what if there was a way to wash a band-aid so we could reuse them? This way, we can save the environment by using less plastic to make band-aids and be less wasteful! And maybe I can stop throwing away so many unused band-aids for this project….

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Quick Patch Up?

Friendships and relationships take a long time to build up. However, they can also be torn down quickly with just one wrong decision or action. Building up a relationship again from a mistake you or your friend made is a very difficult thing to go through with and achieve.

Our bodies have taken a long time to develop to where we are now. However, they can also be torn down just like a relationship with just one car accident, one wrong mistake, one injury, etc. They also take a while to patch up again depending on the situation.

Band-aids are simple things that help your body patch up parts that are wounded or infected. I wish that band-aids could patch up torn friendships just as quickly as they patch up bodies.

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Peel Off

There are couple steps of getting a band-aid off of you:

The first step is the actual accident; you have to get hurt in the first place to put the band-aid on, unless you are one of those weird kids that put on band-aids for heck of it.

The second step is the actual placement of the band-aid: over the wound.

The third step is waiting for your wound to get better.

Lastly, the fourth step is the removal of the band-aid.

There are two schools of thought on ways of removing a band-aid. One way is to peel it off slowly and gradually. The other way is to peel it off quick and fast. I personally believe in the school of thought on peeling it off quickly. It may hurt at that moment you peel it off but at least you will be able to get it over with a lot quicker and move on with your life.

What is your philosophy on peeling off the band-aid?

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Posted by on April 20, 2011 in Philosophy