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Quick Experience

Whenever I was younger and wanted to do something big like helping my dad put furniture together, he would tell me that I was still too young and that I would have to wait until I was older. Everytime I hear something like this from my parents, I always wished that I could grow up quickly and be able to do certain things.

Sometimes even now, I wish I had experience in any area I wanted so that I could do or achieve something without having to put in the time and effort. For example, I really want to get a job and get out of college. Sometimes, I wish I could get the experience I needed for a job and just skip all the years of college and save all the money spent towards my tuition.

Do you think that maybe we could just put “experience” into band-aids and stick them on whenever we want to do something we don’t have the experience for?

Maybe if we wanted to get an A on a math test that we didn’t study for, we could just stick on a math patterned band-aid on our arm and get all the experience and knowledge for math in a second and ace that test. Or, if we wanted to figure out how to raise a kid, we could stick a baby patterned band-aid on our heads and in a second learn how to properly take care of a baby.

But then again, life would be less enjoyable if we could get experience the easy way?

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Updated Resume

I’m sure that we’re all ramming our heads into the walls with frustration because we’ve never been asked to think about this many creative ideas about band-aids. I never realized how many ideas one could actually come up with about a simple little adhesive strip.

Since we’re all so experienced now with applying band-aids with any aspect of daily life, maybe we should all put “extreme band-aid expert” on our job resumes..

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Say something nice

One fault that I think is one of the worst faults I have is saying things out loud before thinking. Sometimes I just say things out loud that I don’t think through and end up sounding stupid or hurting someone’s feelings unintentionally. People keep telling me that I need to think things through before I say them out loud. One of these days, my quick mouth is going to get me in trouble.

Another problem I have is keeping quiet when it comes to criticizing things about people. If I think a person is doing something wrong or something stupid, I tell them straight up that I think they’re being dumb. This has gotten me in some trouble and I have hurt people along the way with my mouth.

Band-aids cover wounds to help them ward off any incoming germs. Maybe to protect people from getting hurt with my hurtful words and quick mouth, I should cover my mouth with a band-aid anytime I feel like saying something mean. After all, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

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Posted by on May 4, 2011 in Experience