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Power Rangers?

I think that culture around the world progresses and moves along too quickly sometimes… especially social culture. By social culture, I mean the things we have to do in society to be socially accepted by everyone else. I think I’ve probably encountered a couple culture changes throughout my life and I’m not even that old yet. I’m sure a lot of my teachers and parents would agree with me that culture in the world changes way too fast.

One thing about culture that I hate is the constantly changing clothing in the world. I remember in the 90s my parents would dress me up in orange colored shorts and a silly Barney’s t-shirt and everybody in my class would be totally cool with it. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have the same reaction if I were to wear funky colored pants with a Barney top, because … well for one, I’m too old to be wearing Barney, and now that we’re in the 21st century, no one wears funky colored bottoms anymore.

Also, no one thinks Power Rangers and Gameboys are cool anymore. I miss the 90s.

I’m so tired of culture changing in my life. Band-aids on the other hand, have not changed since its invention. From the 1920s until now, they have always maintained the same basic structure, shape, idea, and color. What if our culture just stayed the same over time?

Maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about not using a floppy disk to save my work on the computer or having an action figure Red Power Ranger in my back pocket…. not that I actually own one…

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There are obvious differences in culture between Asians and Americans. Myself, being an Asian having been raised in America have been fortunate enough to be able to enjoy both traditions and culture on both sides.

The cultural difference is very evident every time I eat. When I am with my family or my Asian friends, I’ll use chopsticks and when I’m with my American friends I’ll use a fork. This very evident difference in culture can be helped with a band-aid!

For those Americans who struggle to use chopsticks without any help can put a band-aid on the top part of the band-aid to keep the chopsticks together. This will help the Americans use the chopsticks better. In a way, a band-aid can help bring these two cultures together!

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Coming Together

Many of the older generations in Korea have suffered, and is still suffering because of the divide between North and South Korea. There are many differences between the two countries, but in the end we all speak the same language and are descendants of the same people.

The split of Korea made people choose whether they would live in the South or North. When this happened, many family members were divided and to this day it is nearly impossible to contact the family member on the different side because of the terrible government relationship between the North and South.

I personally don’t know anyone in the North, but for the older generations I am quite sure that people are tormented not being able to see their close family members across the border.

A band-aid can cover wounds and patch up a mistake. I hope the two countries can patch up their differences and reunite the people of both North and South Korea.


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We are who we are


There are many different kinds of people out in the world. The first thing that usually pops into peoples’ minds when they think about different people are the different races such as Caucasians, African-Americans, Middle Easterns, and Asians. Within the different races, there are different beliefs that people have and different styles, making each race unique. Within the people in their own races, are people who have unique qualities about themselves such as being preppy, ghetto, emo, fobby, etc. Everyone is very unique and have their own kind of styles. Band-Aids do not only come in normal and plain colors, but also have unique designs on them such as Hello Kitty for fobby and feminime people or skulled, black band-aids for people who are more punk and gothic. There are many ways for people to express themselves and a band-aid is another way to do so as well.

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One Band-Aid for All


The world we live in is not a perfect one by any means. There is racism, war, hatred, and all kind of negative aspects in our world. People will hate certain people just because of the color of their skin, their beliefs, or their personalities.
Without a doubt, there are many differences between people of different cultures. People around the world should try to understand each other more and find what things they have in common to achieve some means of peace.
To start off with a small common factor, when people get hurt, no matter what their background is, they always cover up the wound with a band-aid. A band-aid could be a symbol and starting place of people coming together and understanding each other.

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Posted by on April 1, 2011 in Culture