Stop late night munchies!

05 May

I feel like one thing that is a problem for me and maybe some other people is late night snacking. At the end of the day when I stay up late to do homework or watch videos on YouTube, I always feel like I have to eat something or at least munch on something.

Most of the time, throughout that day I’ve already eaten way too much during lunch, dinner, or breakfast…so it’s strange to me that I’ll still feel hungry even late at night. I think it’s just because of boredom and stress that I feel like I have to munch on something. All the late snacking ends up being something really unhealthy for me and I find it really difficult to avoid these late night munchies.

Do you think we could use band-aids to cover our stomachs to reduce hunger when we get the late night munchies? Maybe I wouldn’t have to make myself go to the gym if band-aids worked like that…

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Posted by on May 5, 2011 in Project 54


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