I made it

05 May

It’s been a long journey You, band-aid, and I have been through all the good and bad times throughout this semester. It was tough and the journey was long, but we kept at it and guess what? We made it.

It’s just proof that if we really put all of our effort into a project, sooner or later we will finish. There were many times when I just wanted to give up and go on facebook, play Fifa on my playstation 3, sleep, etc but I was able to come out as a better person. I definitely have learned a lot from this project and it will definitely help me in the future when I am working on a long term project.

The most valuable lesson I was able get out of this not to procrastinate. I am thankful for this experience but I just hope I don’t have to do anything like this ever again. This definitely has been one of the hardest projects I’ve had to do in all of my life. It wasn’t necessarily hard to actually write the blog; the hard part was putting in so many hours a day coming up with ideas that could be used.

Well, anyway, it was nice and all but it’s finally time for me to go. I made it. Peace out and band-aids.

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Posted by on May 5, 2011 in Finish


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