Healing Power of a Band-Aid

05 May

It makes me sad to think about all the kinds of diseases that are going on in the world. What makes me more sad is the fact that these diseases take over people’s lives and sometimes these people are just unable to prevent this from happening.

I’ve noticed that different cultures from around the world deal with diseases or problems in different ways. Since I come from an asian background, my family usually treats my problems in different ways than an American would treat problems.

For example, if my back is having problems, I usually go to an acupuncturist to release some pain. If I get sick, I drink herbs to heal my throat instead of store bought medicine. If I have a headache, I’ll eat certain foods to balance out the body chemicals in my body.

While all these techniques work for small problems in my body, it makes me sad that these techniques won’t ever work for people who are suffering from incurable diseases such as cancer, AIDS, etc. There will always be someone from any cultural background with these problems and no way to solve them, even with the most technologically advanced tools.

I wish that sometimes we could just use something as simple as band-aids to heal not only the simplest wounds, but the biggest wounds that are unsolvable..

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Posted by on May 5, 2011 in Project 54


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