Advanced Band-Aid

05 May

Lately, there has been huge and major scientific advances. I feel like there’s so much technology that does a lot of work for me…like my computer. I can use the internet to help me think of new ideas for this project.

It got me to thinking, scientific progress has been so fast lately that maybe we could make scientific progress to simple things like band-aids!

There has been so many instances where my and my friends’ computers have crashed from viruses and other bugs in their computer. It takes so long for them and myself to fix these problems on our computers and sometimes, it never really fixes the problem permanently. And things like Norton Anti-virus or AVG never really help with the viruses all the time.

What if we were to invent a virtual band-aid that we could literally stick over the virus or bug to “heal” or make the problem go away quicker and permanently? That would be one band-aid I’d buy constantly…

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Posted by on May 5, 2011 in Progress


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