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Look at all that

This is a trashcan full of band-aids and the stuff that were used for the project so far. Enough said…

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Stopping Time

With life, every passing day becomes such a blur because of all the things we have to do. Twenty four hours in a day seems like a lot of time to accomplish all the things we need to do, like going to class, doing homework, or spending time with family, but it seems like sometimes there really isn’t enough time just for ourselves.

Band-aids are used over wounds to speed up the time of the healing of a wound. What if we reversed the purpose of a band-aid to slowing down time for our life. What if we put a band-aid over a clock to stop time and give ourselves a little time to breathe and relax? I could sure use something like that…

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We all know that feeling.

That feeling we have while we are waiting for that loading bar to get to 100% so we can play games, download that new program, or finish that project due in two minutes.

I’m having one of those feelings now. My loading bar is definitely frozen. It seems like I am nowhere near finishing and the loading bar just won’t move; it is stuck. It is so discouraging and just makes me want to give up.

But I do know that I will finish this project sooner or later and that loading bar WILL reach 100% ! That is all I can hope for. That is the only thing that is pushing me to keep on working even when the loading bar seems like it is stuck.

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The Struggle

Everyday is a struggle when it comes to thinking of an idea for a way to use band-aids for my blog. I just sit down and stare at Band-Aids for seemingly forever hoping an idea will magically pop into my head. My progress is going slower than ever and staring at the band-aid is only making me go insane.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to patch things up with band-aids ever again once this project is all done….

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Band-Aid Helps!

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When you sign a contract or an agreement you are obliging yourself that you will follow all of the rules and guidelines. A Band-aid is placed on the line below where the signatures go to emphasize the importance of the signature.

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Peel Off

There are couple steps of getting a band-aid off of you:

The first step is the actual accident; you have to get hurt in the first place to put the band-aid on, unless you are one of those weird kids that put on band-aids for heck of it.

The second step is the actual placement of the band-aid: over the wound.

The third step is waiting for your wound to get better.

Lastly, the fourth step is the removal of the band-aid.

There are two schools of thought on ways of removing a band-aid. One way is to peel it off slowly and gradually. The other way is to peel it off quick and fast. I personally believe in the school of thought on peeling it off quickly. It may hurt at that moment you peel it off but at least you will be able to get it over with a lot quicker and move on with your life.

What is your philosophy on peeling off the band-aid?

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Posted by on April 20, 2011 in Philosophy