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Virginia Commonwealth University has been the center of attention ever since they got into the NCAA Tournament. The VCU Rams made history when they made the Final Four and they will continue to do so as they battle Butler in the next match of the tournament. The passion for our school has never been higher and our basketball team has unified this school. LET’S GO RAMS!!!

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Posted by on March 30, 2011 in Passion


(V)astly (C)onfident (U)nit

Virginia Commonwealth University’s basketball team has been shocking people all over the country. The teams’ heart and passion has brought out pride in everyone that attends Virginia Commonwealth University, everyone living in Richmond area, and everyone living in Virginia. The team didn’t even deserve a spot in the NCAA Tournament in many of the critics’ mind. Well, we got it and now…we are in the Final Four. In this improbable run, VCU defeated USC, Georgetown, Florida State, and the number one seed in the region, Kansas. After each of VCU’s wins, I could see so much passion and pride in my fellow students. There were riots, chanting, and outright crazyness out on Broad street. Our joy has brought calamity and sorrow to our victims. As I saw the teams our basketball team beat tearing up over their loss, I thought to myself, I could send them some band-aids to help them cover up the wounds and sorrows caused by this (V)astly (C)onfident (U)nit.


Posted by on March 30, 2011 in Passion