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Throughout school you can see flyers posted everywhere… clubs trying to promote themselves, companies offering jobs, and all sorts of other things. The majority of flyers posted up however, are ones where people seek to help other people who need help in school subjects. If anyone needs help coming up with an idea for this assignment, executing the idea, or just want some input on your ideas, take a band-aid below.

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1 Band – Aid Away

Long distance relationships are not the greatest things in the world. Not at all. My girlfriend goes to school in Ohio at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. I try to visit her as much as I possibly can, but there is only so much I can do. I have to save up money for months to have the opportunity to visit her. This year for Valentine Day, I REALLY, REALLY wanted to visit her. I had enough money saved up for a plane ticket, but I had way too much school work to do. My girlfriend was upset that school had to give out so much work through this Valentine Day weekend, but was still very understanding of the situation. Ohio is just so, so, so far away….So, in order to give myself the illusion that my girlfriend is not so far away, I tell myself that it is not a 10 hour drive or a 2 hour plane ride from her, but it’s only one band aid away.

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Ever since Apple came out with their revolutionary Iphone a couple of years ago, they have been producing countless accessorites for the phone: headsets, protective shields, mirror reflecting shields, and all sorts of other accessories. Now, Apple and Band-Aids bring you the brand new… Iphone-aid. It acts as a case, like any other iphone case, but the effect of a band aid kicks in whenever your iphone has any scratches. The band-aid cover will fix minor scratches and dents on the phone that are covered with the Iphone-aid. Coming soon to an Apple store near you!”


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Band-Aid Necklace

Throughout history, style has changed countless times. We’ve transitioned from baggy jeans to tight jeans, sneakers to uggs, small sunglasses to huge aviators and etc. With changes happening in every moment of our lives, do you think we’ll ever get to a time period when hand made jewelry or clothing become popular?


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8am in the morning

As college students we are blessed with the ability to pick our own classes, pick the times and the professors, unlike high school. But there are few, very unfortunate, students such as me that have to take early morning classes. Eyes are droopy, what you hear goes in through one ear and comes right through the other.

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I asked a lot of girls about putting band aids on guys’ faces this week. A majority of them told me they thought it was hott for guys to have band aids on their faces. The most notable person that put band aids on their faces was the celebrity rapper, Nelly. Band aids on a guy’s face appeals to people because it makes them look like they have gotten in fights and make them seem tougher. So, if the ladies think guys putting band aids on their faces is hott…how about this guy?

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Power Off

Today’s generation is very dependent on technology of all sorts. We are almost constantly using our cell phones, watching television, or online on computers. Technology is taking so much time away from our daily lives and deters us from doing what we should be doing. Instead of doing homework or reading people are on facebook, watching television, and or on the phone. The band-aid on the power button of a television remote signifies that we need to detach ourselves from technology a bit as it is surely taking over our life.

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