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Shut up…

Today I was eating dinner at Shafer with a group of friends. We were all having a nice chat and telling each other funny stories. But then, some guy that my friend knew joined us at the table and started talking…and talking….and talking. He would not shut up. I started to zone out and I got to thinking … Band-Aids are typically used for any temporary fix. So, I got to wondering, how amazing would it be if I could shut the guy’s lips together with some band-aids

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Under the Polluted Sea

There have been massive problems regarding sea pollution for many years. Whenever you turn on the news, reporters are always reporting on the decaying environment. Millions of dollars are distributed to different groups to help promote a better and cleaner environment. With that kind of money, shouldn’t the problems be getting better and not worse?

The sea has been polluted with countless oil spills, waste from factories, etc. The underwater sea creatures must be going crazy!” Band Aids seem to fix problems on our body, so why can’t it help fix our problems on earth?

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Project 54!

So about 2 weeks ago,  my friend was attacked by an alligator and severely injured his leg…just kidding. He actually just tripped and fell on a glass table in the living room, but he prefers the alligator story. So he basically demolished his leg and cut up his skin all the way into his muscles and needed about gazillion stitches to patch up his leg. The doctors gave him Percocet to relieve the excruciating pain he was in. As a good friend of Mike, I thought I needed to make a contribution myself. So, I put a Band – Aid on him. I hope it helps Mike.

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