I made it

It’s been a long journey You, band-aid, and I have been through all the good and bad times throughout this semester. It was tough and the journey was long, but we kept at it and guess what? We made it.

It’s just proof that if we really put all of our effort into a project, sooner or later we will finish. There were many times when I just wanted to give up and go on facebook, play Fifa on my playstation 3, sleep, etc but I was able to come out as a better person. I definitely have learned a lot from this project and it will definitely help me in the future when I am working on a long term project.

The most valuable lesson I was able get out of this not to procrastinate. I am thankful for this experience but I just hope I don’t have to do anything like this ever again. This definitely has been one of the hardest projects I’ve had to do in all of my life. It wasn’t necessarily hard to actually write the blog; the hard part was putting in so many hours a day coming up with ideas that could be used.

Well, anyway, it was nice and all but it’s finally time for me to go. I made it. Peace out and band-aids.

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What to choose…


I MADE IT. I am basically at the end of the road. This is obviously an exaggeration, but the way I feel about band-aids now might make this decision a lot harder than it should be.

To my left is the gate to hell. To my right is a band-aid. It’s a tough call to choose which one I want to go to between the two in my mind right now. Once I recover and rediscover my love for band-aids, it will be easier to choose. Even though I did enjoy this project, I hope I never have to do anything like this again!

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Stop late night munchies!

I feel like one thing that is a problem for me and maybe some other people is late night snacking. At the end of the day when I stay up late to do homework or watch videos on YouTube, I always feel like I have to eat something or at least munch on something.

Most of the time, throughout that day I’ve already eaten way too much during lunch, dinner, or breakfast…so it’s strange to me that I’ll still feel hungry even late at night. I think it’s just because of boredom and stress that I feel like I have to munch on something. All the late snacking ends up being something really unhealthy for me and I find it really difficult to avoid these late night munchies.

Do you think we could use band-aids to cover our stomachs to reduce hunger when we get the late night munchies? Maybe I wouldn’t have to make myself go to the gym if band-aids worked like that…

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Healing Power of a Band-Aid

It makes me sad to think about all the kinds of diseases that are going on in the world. What makes me more sad is the fact that these diseases take over people’s lives and sometimes these people are just unable to prevent this from happening.

I’ve noticed that different cultures from around the world deal with diseases or problems in different ways. Since I come from an asian background, my family usually treats my problems in different ways than an American would treat problems.

For example, if my back is having problems, I usually go to an acupuncturist to release some pain. If I get sick, I drink herbs to heal my throat instead of store bought medicine. If I have a headache, I’ll eat certain foods to balance out the body chemicals in my body.

While all these techniques work for small problems in my body, it makes me sad that these techniques won’t ever work for people who are suffering from incurable diseases such as cancer, AIDS, etc. There will always be someone from any cultural background with these problems and no way to solve them, even with the most technologically advanced tools.

I wish that sometimes we could just use something as simple as band-aids to heal not only the simplest wounds, but the biggest wounds that are unsolvable..

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Power Rangers?

I think that culture around the world progresses and moves along too quickly sometimes… especially social culture. By social culture, I mean the things we have to do in society to be socially accepted by everyone else. I think I’ve probably encountered a couple culture changes throughout my life and I’m not even that old yet. I’m sure a lot of my teachers and parents would agree with me that culture in the world changes way too fast.

One thing about culture that I hate is the constantly changing clothing in the world. I remember in the 90s my parents would dress me up in orange colored shorts and a silly Barney’s t-shirt and everybody in my class would be totally cool with it. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have the same reaction if I were to wear funky colored pants with a Barney top, because … well for one, I’m too old to be wearing Barney, and now that we’re in the 21st century, no one wears funky colored bottoms anymore.

Also, no one thinks Power Rangers and Gameboys are cool anymore. I miss the 90s.

I’m so tired of culture changing in my life. Band-aids on the other hand, have not changed since its invention. From the 1920s until now, they have always maintained the same basic structure, shape, idea, and color. What if our culture just stayed the same over time?

Maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about not using a floppy disk to save my work on the computer or having an action figure Red Power Ranger in my back pocket…. not that I actually own one…

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The All Star Crew

I have used a lot of items to help me through this project. My friends and all my things were all put into this project and since the semester is coming to an end, I just want to give a shout out to my items that were abused by the band-aids all semester long. Anywhere I look in my room, there is always a band-aid stuck on something. It’s a bittersweet…no never mind, it’s a sweet moment as I can start peeling off the band-aids my stuff one by one with joy.with joy.

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Advanced Band-Aid

Lately, there has been huge and major scientific advances. I feel like there’s so much technology that does a lot of work for me…like my computer. I can use the internet to help me think of new ideas for this project.

It got me to thinking, scientific progress has been so fast lately that maybe we could make scientific progress to simple things like band-aids!

There has been so many instances where my and my friends’ computers have crashed from viruses and other bugs in their computer. It takes so long for them and myself to fix these problems on our computers and sometimes, it never really fixes the problem permanently. And things like Norton Anti-virus or AVG never really help with the viruses all the time.

What if we were to invent a virtual band-aid that we could literally stick over the virus or bug to “heal” or make the problem go away quicker and permanently? That would be one band-aid I’d buy constantly…

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